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Our parent company Deep Blue Seafoods was established in Wellington in the early 1990′s, but the family has roots that go way back to 1922 when Antonino Muollo emmigrated from Sorrento, Italy and took up residence in the small seaside town of Island Bay, Wellington, New Zealand to ply his trade as a fisherman.

For many years both he and his sons Carlo, Raffaelle and Tony fished the rough seas of Wellington’s south coast and Cook Strait.

Tony and Carlo Muollo as young men fishing


Today Carlo’s son John runs the family business and their boats still fish Cook Strait in the same traditional ways that their grandfather Antonino Muollo did all those years ago.

Drop-lining is the method of choice as this produces fish of superior quality and is one of the most sustainable methods of fishing as it has very little affect on the bottom habitat.

The family boats have fished the same grounds for close to 100 years, never picking more than is productively viable so that they will continue to produce for future generations.

The “Deep Blue” brand is noted for its high quality chilled fish, shell fish, live Rock Lobster and New Zealand King Crab. Second to none, it is first choice of local and international customers who know what real quality means.

From the vessels to the factory , quality assurance is verified by independent Auditors from New Zealand Food Safety Authority and the company runs a HACCP based risk management programme to ensure the company has the checks and balances in place to give its customers assurance that the seafood they receive is produced to the highest possible standards.

The company is small by international standards but has a reputation for producing high quality seafood. Deep Blue Seafoods has the ability to act quickly to meet market demand and will always endeavor to meet customer needs .

We look forward to helping you with your seafood requirements

John Muollo
General Manger
Deep Blue Seafoods NZ Ltd

On FV Aquilla we troll for Albacore tuna from December till May