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Blue Warehou (Skinned & Boned Fillet 1kg

Blue Warehou (Skinned & Boned Fillet 1kg


Blue Warehou Fillets


With a medium-low oil content, blue warehou is best used in moist dishes such as chowders, stews, curries or marinated. It is one of the mainstays of fish and chips. Blue warehou flesh maintains its flavour well and retains its shape. Blue warehou is particularly delicious as a smoked fish. Also try it in a casserole or curry, fried, poached, steamed or marinated.

Recipe : Warehou Fish Curry

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Māori Name: warehou kahurangi

Name Scientific: Seriolella brama

Availability: Year round

Attributes Weight: 1–3kg, up to 7kg

Attributes Length: 40–60cm





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Weight 1 kg


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