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Crayfish Whole Live (450g to 550g Each)

Crayfish Whole Live (450g to 550g Each)


Live New Zealand Crayfish (Lobster).


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Māori Name: koura

Name Scientific: Jasus edwardsii

Rock lobsters are found along most rocky coastlines around New Zealand, with the main concentrations occurring along the east coasts of the North and South Islands.Rock lobsters belong to the Palinuridae family (spiny lobsters). and are caught all yeah round by our own vessels to ship to you. Please note these are whole and raw; live when shipped.


Cooking fresh lobsters in boiling salted water turns the flesh from translucent to opaque. For a 600-800g lobster, boil for 10 minutes or steam for 15-18 minutes. Be careful not to overcook lobster as this will make the flesh tough – cook only until the flesh begins to turn opaque.

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