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Groper Fillets (skinned and Boned ) 1kg

Groper Fillets (skinned and Boned ) 1kg


Delicious Hapuka fillets


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Māori Name: hapuku

Name Scientific: Polyprion oxygeneios

Availability: October to May

Attributes Weight: 6kg average, up to 20kg

Attributes Length: 80–100cm, reaching 150cm


Groper flesh is firm and white with few bones. Treat your groper with care to preserve its delicate flavour and succulence – allow it to be the star of your dish, rather than any accompanying sauce. Groper makes wonderful steaks, remains moist with heavy flakes when cooked and smokes well. Bake; steam; panfry, poach, bbq; or smoke groper.



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Weight 1 kg


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