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Kina (uni) Roe 200g Pot (Fresh or Frozen)

Kina (uni) Roe 200g Pot (Fresh or Frozen)


Pots of Kina Roe. These contain 200g of meat in each. Fresh when available.

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Name Scientific: Evechinus chloroticus

Attributes Length: Diameter: 8.5–15.0cm

The species is found only in New Zealand and are widespread along the coasts down to 50 metres with the main concentrations found between the sub-tidal zone and 15 metres. Also see our Kina Roe 200g Pots which are also available in the linked products below.


Kina is prized for its delicate, smooth, buttery roe; the male roe is silkier, while the female roe is slightly more grainy.

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