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Ling Fillet (Skinless & boneless) 1kg

Ling Fillet (Skinless & boneless) 1kg


Māori Name: hokarari
Name Scientific: Genypterus blacodes

Attributes Physical
An eel-like fish with a large head. Orange-pink markings above form irregular bar-like markings and blotches on the paler white that spreads up from the underbelly. This gives the fish a mottled appearance. The skin is thick and smooth with fine scales. The dorsal and anal fins are marked by dark bars and pale margins.


Horopito ling taco with pico de gallo and Zany Zeus yoghurt



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Māori Name: hokarari
Availability: Year round
Attributes Weight: 4-10kg, up to 20kg
Attributes Length: 80–120cmName Scientific: Genypterus blacodes

Ling are found at depths between 300 and 500 metres. They appear to be mainly bottom dwellers and at times can inhabit burrows on the seafloor. They do however move up the water column to feed as well, for example when feeding on hoki during the hoki spawning season. Ling are mainly caught off the southern South Island coast and on the Campbell Plateau.

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Weight 1 kg


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