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Red Cod (Skinned & Boned Fillet ) 1kg

Red Cod (Skinned & Boned Fillet ) 1kg


Red Cod Fillet (Skinned & Boned)

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Māori Name: hoka

Name Scientific: Pseudophycis bachus, P. barbata, P. breviuscula

Availability: July to January

Attributes Weight: 0.8–1.3kg, up to 2.0kg

Attributes Length: 40–70cm


Red cod flesh is delicate with fillets that flake easily when cooked; it is often smoked but can also be fried, baked or poached.


The catch is seasonal, from November to May/June, peaking in January and May. In spring and summer, Red cod are caught inshore before they move to deeper waters in winter. They are caught mainly in the Canterbury Bight and off Westland by trawling.



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Weight 1 kg


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