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Squid Tubes (Calamari) 1kg Bag

Squid Tubes (Calamari) 1kg Bag


Ready to Prepare your favourite squid (Calamari) meal. These are grade 5/10 Squid Tubes. (Noyt too big)

Perfect size for stuffing or calamari rings.

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Recipe Notes

Arrow squid has dense ivory-coloured flesh which whitens on cooking. Wash thoroughly and remove quill (bone) and skin. The ink can be retained as an ingredient also. If using frozen squid, cook from frozen rather than allowing to thaw. Arrow squid can be baked, barbequed, grilled or fried. Take care with cooking times, as the texture of squid can become rubbery and tough. Either cook quickly over a high heat (30 seconds to a minute if cut into pieces), deep fry for 2-3 minutes, or alternatively, slow cook for at least 20 minutes.

Recipe Sechuan Squid


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Weight 1 kg


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