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Trevally Skinned & Boned Fillets 1kg

Trevally Skinned & Boned Fillets 1kg

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Trevally Skinned & boned Fillets

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Māori Name: Araara

Name Scientific: Pseudocaranx dentex

Considered a large marine fish, Trevally are commonly found in the warmer waters north of the Cook Stait at various depths. Belonging to the Carandigae family it has a light green colour and metallic overtones with a dark spot over the gills.


Trevally has medium to soft fillets and the flesh is marbled pink. Having a low oil content it can be baked; curried; marinated; steamed; poached; smoked; or fried. Incredible taste as smoked and excellent served as Sashimi.

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