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Whole Paua (Frozen in Shell) 250 to 320g per piece

Whole Paua (Frozen in Shell) 250 to 320g per piece


Paua Whole Frozen

Individually whole frozen Paua . Price is per piece .

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Māori Name: Pāua

Name Scientific: Haliotis iris

Availability: Year round

Attributes Length: 12.5–18cm (12.5cm legal minimum shell size for harvest)


The secret to tender paua is to gently ease it out of the shell and cook quickly on a high heat with a light, gentle touch. If overcooked, the texture of paua can become rubbery. The colour will change and edges will begin to curl when the paua is cooked. Paua can be tenderised by a variety of methods. Light pounding with a metal hammer or par-boiling for a few minutes in steaming (but not boiling) water are popular options. Grill, stir fry, saute, bake, poach in a seafood broth,barbeque or use in a Kiwi classic: paua fritters.



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