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YellowBelly Flounder (Whole Gutted)

YellowBelly Flounder (Whole Gutted)


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Māori Name: pātiki

Name Scientific: Rhombosolea: R. leporina: R. tapirina: R. retiaria

They are a shallow-water fish found at depths of up to 50 metres. In New Zealand, they are most abundant in harbours, estuaries, and muddy bays, particularly in the north. Dark olive green body above with yellow or white on the belly and dark spots. The body is oval. Yellowbelly flounder are plumper than Sand flounder, and have smaller eyes and larger, dark-edged scales. Yellowbelly flounder belong to the Pleuronectidae (righteye flounders) family.


Flatfish have delicate moist, flesh and benefit from light cooking. Brill and turbot, being larger fish, have denser flesh. Flatfish can be interchanged for one another in most recipes. Bake, grill, barbecue or fry. The flesh will flake easily when cooked.


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